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A Band Called Pain

A band called A BAND CALLED PAIN. Call this band what you will, but they cannot be called mediocre. This talented and musically tight foursome inflicts no pain on the ears or minds of listeners. In fact, their well crafted songs propelled by memorable riffs and lyrics, never fail to the capture the audiences' attention - allowing fans to forget about their own pain - even if only for a short while. A BAND CALLED PAIN has shared stages with great bands such as Living Colour, Mushroomhead, Prong, Shinedown, and many others. They've also played larger gigs such as the Talking House Productions Special Industry Showcase, which included performances by members of Metallica, Guns and Roses, Velvet Revolver and Linkin Park. Most recently, ABCP traveled to Austin, Texas to perform at the internationally renowned South by Southwest New Music Festival.



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