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LOSSLESS fuses electronica with warm organic rock for a sound that's as ponderous as it is pacifying. "Chibana" pulsates with blips of incisive cyber riffing conjured by Anthony Sarti (Bass/Programming/Synth) and frontman Lance Jackman's hypnotic harmonies. Meanwhile, cuts like "Phantom Limb" and the title track segue through uncharted sonic territory rhythmically propelled via Ben Conger's drums and Sean Bivins ethereal guitar tones. LOSSLESS is the ultimate aural journey with no energy, feel or data lost along the way. Signing with Minus Head Records in late 2009, the band has their sights on continuing to push further. Sean states, "Our songwriting and sound are grown from our individual experiences with music. We're not afraid to write and record a record that might not appeal to everyone. We write to appeal to ourselves, and it's nice to have a label that allows us to have that freedom and belief to back us. "



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