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Charity and the JAMband

"San Francisco's award-winning (Parents' Choice and NAPPA Gold) tribe of family musicians, Charity and the JAMband, take lovingkindness, compassion, joy, equanimity, patience, understanding, generosity, community, intention, nonharming, gratitude, respect, mindfulness, waking up, truth, and peace for ALL, and wrap them in a powerful musical package with the release of their fourth studio CD, Family Values. The "family" part of Family Values includes all of us, and the "values" are a vision of how we want our children -- and all of humanity -- to be. But the artistic integrity of the music is what brings the compelling message to a level that allows Charity and the JAMband to shine as never before, giving full rein to their astonishing ability to span everything from heartfelt contemplation to full on, raging rock n' roll."



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