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Dale Satchmo Powers

In his second outing with Narada at his magical Tarpan Studios, we have Satchie exploring a few new flavors, including an answer to Jeff Beck's question, "What would it be like if Louie Satchmo did Hendrix?" The title track grafts Satch, Salsa, & Elvis together for a new twist on an old favorite that spawned a YouTube video. Sting also found the concept of Satch rockin' a fun twist, so he is represented here too. And it was a short hop to The Who to see what it would sound like to blend generations. A couple of ballads bring an old standard and a Satch/Stevie what if to the table. And a tribute to Clarence and Narada's classic You're A Friend Of Mine merges these two indomitable spirits together with Satch's (man that's a whole lotta love right there!!) to bring some unbridled joy to a soul starved world.



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