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Lindsay Bellows

Influenced by singers as diverse as Etta James, Stevie Nicks, Lauryn Hill, Ani DiFranco, and Adele, LINDSAY BELLOWS weaves together light-hearted folk/pop with fierce R&B vocals to create music that ignites the spirit and soothes the soul. A naked solo is gradually dressed up with rich vocal layers until this one-woman act begins to sound more like a soaring choir or a pulsing multi-piece band. The WAKE TO DREAM EP started as an all-acapella project; however, during the recording process Lindsay and Grammy-winning producer Spencer Williams agreed that without the excitement of building a song from scratch in a live setting, the recordings needed something more. As a result, the artists let imitation lead to innovation as collaborators were invited to add instrumentation to the original vocal loops, finally creating the perfect groove.



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