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Better EP


Karney Music and Sounds


Anna Karney has been making great music for many years, performing across the United States and collaborating with many talented and notable artists. As a solo artist she has put out several singles and EPs, and now with her band KARNEY is set to release a new EP titled BETTER, a stunning collection of original new songs together with a remix, and a cover of “Ramble On,” one of Karney’s favorite Led Zeppelin songs. Keeping her mind on social justice and positive messages, Anna Karney’s lyrical content offers a sardonic and sometimes straightforward approach to many of the issues facing people today, with a message of hope resonating throughout every song she writes. How can a social justice songwriter stay silent during these trying times? The answer is, she can’t. Despite this, the title song “Better” shifts focus to the positive and offers the listener an uplifting message of hope and courage.


CAT# Artist Name Label Genre
IDC0773 Karney Better EP Karney Music and Sounds Alternative IDC0772 Jennifer Saran Smoky Nights EP CD Tarpan Records Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Soul, R&B IDC0771 Frantic Amber Bellatrix CD GMR Music Group Metal, Melodic Death Metal IDC0770 Indubious Beleaf CD Righteous Sound Productions Reggae, Rock, Dub, Rootstronica IDC0769 McFarland McFarland CD American Pioneer Records Alternative Rock IDC0768 Chris Peck Ancient Baby VINYL LP Crying Music Rock, Soul, Songwriter, Earthcore IDC0767 Chris Peck Ancient Baby Double-Disc CD Crying Music Rock, Soul, Songwriter, Earthcore IDC0766 Bayonics Resilience CD City Roots Ent Latin Reggae, World Music IDC0765 Indubious From Zero VINYL LP Righteous Sound Productions Reggae IDC0764 KBong Easy to Love You CD KBong Music Reggae IDC0763 Stick Figure The Reprise Sessions CD Ineffable Records/Stick Figure Music Reggae IDC0762 Wicked Garden Post Dystopian Leisure Music CD Vanity Music Group Alternative, Rock IDC0761 Stone Leaders Stone Leaders CD Vanity Music Group Rock, Progressive Rock IDC0760 Highest Intention Universal Light CD Highest Intention Records Reggae IDC0759 John Nymann Happy EP CD IAC Records Rock IDC0758 Spice Captured CD Spice Official Ent Dancehall IDC0757 James Blonde International Orange IAC Records Rock IDC0756 James Blonde Stockton Rhythm IAC Records Rock IDC0755 Andrew Durr Time Frame IAC Records Folk IDC0753 Napa Valley Duo A Soft Message To You IAC Records Classical, Jazz IDC0752 Napa Valley Duo An American in Paris VINYL LP IAC Records Classical, Jazz IDC0751 Napa Valley Duo An American in Paris IAC Records Classical, Jazz IDC0750 Willie Hines Letters to Maria IAC Records Rock IDC0749 Eric Westphal Alice Street Sessions Vinyl LP IAC Records Rock IDC0748 Eric Westphal Alice Street Sessions IAC Records Rock IDC0747 Dirk Hamilton Live at The Palms IAC Records Folk IDC0746 Mighty Quinn Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin Vinyl LP Mighty Quinn Music Punk IDC0745 Mighty Quinn Mighty Quinn & The Oakland Ronin Mighty Quinn Music Punk IDC0744 Kat Gang Come Closer NKR Records Jazz IDC0743 Kimia Penton Where the Rain Falls EP KimiaQProductions LLC Jazz, Folk, Pop IDC0742 Dr Chrispy VHS Interplanetary Records, LLC Electronic, Synthwave, Retrowave, Futuresynth IDC0741 Black Uhuru As The World Turns Black Uhuru Official Reggae IDC0740 Bruce C. Stevenson Thanking Jupiter Vinyl LP Pluto Underground Pop, Rock IDC0739 Bruce C. Stevenson Thanking Jupiter Pluto Underground Pop, Rock IDC0738 STIMULI They Are We STIMULI Music Rock, Hard Rock, Alternative, Progressive IDC0737 Cornell CC Carter One Love CDC Productions R&B,Soul IDC0736 Lady Rizo Indigo Vinyl LP Lady Rizo Entertainment Soul, Rock, Jazz IDC0735 Making Movies I Am Another You Vinyl LP 3/2 Records Latin Rock, Latin Alt IDC0734 One Gun Shy Eye of the Storm Momma Lynn Records Alternative Rock IDC0733 ORGY Army to Your Party EP D1 Music Rock, Industrial IDC0732 King Kong Repatriation Vinyl LP Irie Ites Records Reggae IDC0731 King Kong Repatriation Irie Ites Records Reggae IDC0730 The Walk-A-Bout Things Are Looking Up Ridge Hill Records Folk Rock, Alt Rock, Pop IDC0729 Emily Johnson Open Your Heart EP Tarpan-Emily Johnson Official Pop, Dance IDC0727 Cosmic Wool Cosmic Wool Nemesis Records / Vanity Music Group Rock IDC0724 Randy Valentine New Narrative Royal Order Music Reggae IDC0723 Landon McNamara A Dollar Short & A Minute Late Sea Major Seven Reggae IDC0722 Lindsay Bellows Wake to Dream Lindsay Bellows Music Folk, Pop, R&B, Soul IDC0721 Jennifer Saran Soulful Christmas Tarpan Records Holiday, Alt-Pop, Jazz, Soul IDC0719 Acting Natural Acting Natural EP Acting Natural Music Pop, Rock IDC0718 Unknown Hero In My Head Unknown Hero Music Electronic IDC0717 Dr. Edward Love & Young Shanty Smokers Music Vol 1 Chalice Row Records IDC0716 Lady Rizo Indigo Lady Rizo Entertainment Soul, Rock, Jazz IDC0715 Mystic Roots Band Change Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0714 Yellam The Musical Train Irie Ites Records Reggae IDC0713 Mark Wonder Dragon Slayer Irie Ites Records Reggae IDC0712 Threatin Breaking The World Superlative Music Recordings Rock IDC0725 George St. Clair Ballads of Captivity and Freedom George St Clair Music Singer,Songwriter IDC0720 Michael Tracy Still Got Soul TW Music Group Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0726 Karney No Mercy Karney Music and Sounds Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0728 I-Octane Love & Life Conquer the Globe Productions Reggae IDC0711 Birdseed Not Out Of Time - 10" Vinyl EP Bird Records Rock IDC0709 Indubious From Zero Righteous Sound Productions Reggae, Dub IDC0710 Making Movies I Am Another You 3/2 Records Latin Rock, Latin Alt IDC0708 Jennifer Saran Wake Up Tarpan Records Alt-Pop, World IDC0707 Cornell CC Carter Vindicated Soul CDC Productions Soul, R&B IDC0702 Endemic Emerald & Skanks Rapsploitation No Cure Records Rap, Hip Hop IDC0701 Mark Duda Month of Sundays True Rock Rock IDC0700 E-Life 7 Featuring Michael Pennick Miked Up Three 2 Go Music Smooth Jazz IDC0699 Omeri Day Dream'm Three 2 Go Music Pop, R&B, Easy Listening, Bluegrass, Folk, Alternative IDC0697 Dale Satchmo Powers Satch Rocks! Tarpan Records Swing, Rock IDC0698 J-Bella All For Nothin Three 2 Go Music R&B, Soul, Pop IDC0696 Various Artists-Ineffable General Hydroponics Volume 3 Ineffable Records Reggae, Rap, Hip Hop IDC0695 Amanda Abizaid Walking In Twos Abizaid Publishing Alt Pop, World, Electronica IDC0694 Jemere Morgan Transition Dadason Entertainment Reggae IDC0693 John Kingsley About the Town Momma Lynn Records Singer,Songwriter IDC0692 Jordan Hurwitz LOVESICK. Tarpan Records Pop IDC0691 J French Jaguar Jesus IV League Entertainment HipHop, Rap IDC0690 Lucid Fly Building Castles in Air Vanity Music Group Rock, Progressive Rock IDC0689 Ray Vaughn Wounded Bird Rayoso Music Alternative, Singer Songwriter IDC0688 FloRocker Rich in the Heart FloStyle Entertainment Rap, HipHop, Pop IDCDT2S Time 2 Shine Entertainment Time 2 Shine Entertainment Time 2 Shine Entertainment IDC0687 Private Instigators The Case Files Of The Private Instigators Reopened Prize Fighter Records Punk, Doo-Wop, Rockabilly IDC0686 mikO Tolliver Attack Of The KiTTiE PeRM KiTTiE PeRM Electro Pop, Indie Rock, Alternative IDC0685 Kat Gang Love And The Lack Thereof NKR Records Jazz IDC0684 Various Artists-Ganja Anthems Ganja Anthems Irie Ites Records Reggae, Dancehall IDC0683 Perfect Giddimani Reggae Farm Work Irie Ites Records Reggae, Dancehall IDC0682 Slappin' in the Trunk We Run The Bay Vol. 4 Slappin' in the Trunk Ent. Rap, R&B, Hip Hop IDC0681 Slappin' in the Trunk We Run The Bay Vol. 3 Slappin' in the Trunk Ent. Rap, R&B, Hip Hop IDC0680 Cure for Gravity Cure for Gravity Cure for Gravity Alternative Rock, Synth Rock, Cinematic Alt Rock, Post Rock, Progressive Pop IDC0679 Charles Xavier Happy Note Records Sampler 2016 Happy Note Records Jazz, Crossover IDC0678 Anthony B Tears of Luv Born Fire Music Reggae IDC0677 Antoine Fafard Sphere Timeless Momentum Jazz-Fusion IDC0676 The Daniel Green Show Between Two Worlds Green Drinks and Productions Rock IDC0675 V/A Lion Roar: Volume One Royal Order Music Reggae IDC0674 Pete Kronowitt A Lone Voice Mean Bean Recordings Folk, Americana IDC0671 Rocker-T The Return of the Tru Ganjaman Luvinnitt Productions Reggae, Dancehall, EDM IDC0672 Katie Garibaldi Rooted Clarity EP Living Dream Music Singer/Songwriter, Folk, Americana IDC0673 Mezonic Inspire 2 (Redemption of the Ghettos Worldwide) Mezonic Records Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, World IDC0670 Billy Cobham Broad Horizon Creative MultiMedia Concepts Inc. Fusion Rock IDC0669 J French Too A.M. EP IV League Entertainment Hip Hop, Rap IDC0668 Hostile Hypnotic Regression EP Vanity Music Group Metal IDC0667 The Cliftones Enemies Scatter Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0666 Jennifer Saran Walk With Me Tarpan Records Alt Pop, Adult Contemporary IDC0665 KBong Hopes and Dreams KBong Music Reggae, Acoustic, Hip Hop, Singer-Songwriter IDC0664 Mighty Mystic The Art of Balance Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0663 Omari Banks Move On Deluxe Edition Big Banko Music Reggae IDC0662 Razteria Aventurera Asteria Records World, Latin, Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Reggae IDC0661 Tim Hockenberry Tim Hockenberry Poignant Records Americana, Pop IDC0660 Smokovich Sky Coral Astromacro Electronica IDC0659 ZIERLER ESC Vanity Music Group Pop, Rock, Metal IDC0658 C.C. In The Moment CDC Productions Soul, R&B, Funk IDC0657 Jennifer Saran Merry Christmas, You Are Loved Tarpan Records Christmas Music, Adult Contemporary, Groove, Jazz IDC0656 Island Head Punky Reggae Party Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0655 Various Artists-Reggae on the River Collection Reggae On The River Collection Double-Disc CD Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0654 Various Artists-Ineffable General Hydroponics + Ineffable Music Volume 2 Ineffable Records Reggae, Hip Hop IDC0653 Badi Assad Hatched Quatro Ventos World Pop, Ethnic Jazz IDC0652 Narada Michael Walden EVOLUTION Tarpan Records R&B, Soul, Dance, Alt Pop IDC0650 ORGY TALK SICK EP D1 Music Rock, Alternative, Industrial IDC0649 Red Tide Rising The Rising Vanity Music Group Modern Hard Rock IDC0648 Ras Teo Bredda Daniel Rebel Sound Records Roots Reggae IDC0647 Stick Figure Smoke Stack Ineffable Records/Stick Figure Music Reggae IDC0646 Stick Figure Burnin' Ocean Ineffable Records/Stick Figure Music Reggae IDC0645 V/A Monterey Or Bust Vol. 2 Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0644 Bekah Barnett RISE Urban Minstrel Records Chamber Pop, Singer-Songwriter, Adult Contemporary IDC0643 Stephen Duros AEAEA Luminescent Records World/New Age IDC0642 Rivah Jordan Hustlers World Sound Killaz Music Reggae IDC0641 Keith and Tex Just Passing Through Rebel Sound Records Reggae IDC0638 Fyah Forward Soulmedic Jah Kebra Music Reggae IDC0640 Bobby Hustle It's the Hustle Bobby Hustle Music Reggae IDC0639 Jordan Hurwitz Here I'll Stand Tarpan Records Pop, Singer/Songwriter IDC0634 Jus Obsession EP Zenith Point Records HipHop, Rap, R&B IDC0635 Jerry De Villiers Jr. Turning Point Archive Timeless Momentum Jazz Fusion IDC0633 Matthew K Matthew K Rough & Tumble Entertainment Pop, Rock IDC0636 Beverly Frentess And The Stone Soup Blues Dust On My Shoes SSB Entertainment Blues Rock/ Indy/ Alt IDC0632 Sun Soul Orchestra What Matters Most Gumbo Child Productions R&B, Soul IDC0637 21st Century Goliath Back With A Vengeance Vanity Music Group Rock IDC0631 Billy Cobham Spectrum 40 Live Creative MultiMedia Concepts Inc. Fusion Rock IDC0630 Morgan Heritage Strictly Roots C.T.B.C. Music Group Reggae IDC0629 Z-Man & Elon The Opening Act Gurp City Records Hip Hop, Rap IDC0628 Mooch Da Player The Ghetto Storyboard Fo'Way Entertainment Rap IDC0627 V2 We Are V2 Rock Star University Records Rock IDC0626 The Shams One and All The Shams Music Productions Alternative Rock IDC0625 Jessi Teich Twisted Soul Madame Freak Records LLC World, Jazz, Adult Contemporary IDC0624 Shelia Moore Piper Are You Ready Chapter 2 Bdm/Ugroove Music Christian Soul IDC0623 The Tropics Wind House Breakup Records Indie,Rock,Pop IDC0622 The Quart of Blood Technique The Greatest Kicks Vol. 1 Birich Records Rock IDC0621 J-Ras Find My Way Soulifted Sounds Reggae IDC0620 T-Roy Deep South Dub Bayou International Records Reggae, Dub IDC0619 Shae Can You Feel The Music Tarpan Records Pop, Soul, Dance IDC0618 Yendi Phillips In The Dance Fitness Jamaica with Yendi Phillips 21 Entertainment Group, Inc. Fitness DVD IDC0617 Sam Johnson The City Sam Johnson Entertainment Pop, Rock, Raggae IDC0616 John Taglieri Days Like These EP Vanity Music Group Rock, Pop IDC0615 Kill The Computer NamTam Kill The Computer Records Electronic IDC0614 Women Of Strength Ministry New Vision records Gospel IDC0613 NjS Soular Power NjS Music Hip Hop, Jazz Hop IDC0611 D. Edward Love Is 10th & Clay Recordings R&B, Club IDC0610 Georgette Johnson & Deliverance Come By Here New Vision records Gospel IDC0609 Taxes It Never Ends Breakup Records Indie Rock IDC0608 Bpos Positive Beings One League Hip Hop, Underground Hip Hop IDC0607 Ziggi Recado Therapeutic Zion High Productions Reggae IDC0606 Courtney John FUTURE Fiwi Music Jamaica Rootstronic- reggae, dub, electronic IDC0605 Rocker-T The Hurban Warrior Of Peace: Part Konkrete Luvinnitt Productions Reggae, Hip Hop, Dancehall, EDM IDC0604 MKRV W.A.Y. MKRV Music Singer,Songwriter IDC0603 Katie Garibaldi Follow Your Heart Living Dream Music Singer/Songwriter, Country, Americana IDC0602 Barbara Kiss From Me To You Roadhouse Records Pop IDC0601 Tirvarrus & God's Project I'm Trying to Be New Vision records Gospel IDC0600 Trigger Point Giving Up The Ghost Say Goodbye Records/THC Music Hard Rock/Metal IDC0599 Mr. P Chill Persistence MPC Recording Company HipHop IDC0598 Burgundy Fats Legend of 1900 Voila Entertainment Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Funk IDC0597 Narada Michael Walden Love Lullabies for Kelly Vol. 1 Tarpan Records Children's Music IDC0596 Spencer Day Daybreak Spencer Day Music Jazz, Alt-Pop, Singer-Songwriter IDC0595 Billy Cobham Tales from the Skeleton Coast Creative MultiMedia Concepts Inc. Fusion Rock IDC0594 Kitten Grenade Kitten Grenade Breakup Records Indie,Rock,Pop IDC0593 Dangermaker Black Dream Breakup Records Indie Rock IDC0592 Sub Liquid Beneath Your Reflection Sub Liquid Electronic, Dance, Downtempo IDC0591 Are Too Life Injected CFO Recordings HipHop, Rap, R&B IDC0590 The Fabulous Miss Wendy No One Can Stop Me Not Dead Yet Records Rock IDC0589 Pacific Mambo Orchestra Pacific Mambo Orchestra Stefrecords Tropical/World/Latin IDC0588 no:carrier Wisdom & Failure Electric Heresy Electric Pop,Rock IDC0587 From Hell Ascent From Hell Scourge Records Metal IDC0586 Lester Chambers Time Has Come Stomping Mud Records Blues, Singer,Songwriter IDC0585 Jeremy Spencer Coventry Blue Propelz Blues, Americana, Country IDC0584 James Henry Dragonfly Sun Imani Records Smooth Jazz, World IDC0583 Charity and the JAMband Family Values MusiMatics Children/Family IDC0582 The Soft White Sixties Get Right. Shift Indie Rock IDC0581 Reacta Refraction Alaric Records Alternative IDC0580 Greg Kihn Rubber Soul Riot Media Book - Fiction/Mystery/Thriller IDC0579 The Infinite Staircase No Amends Vanity Music Group Pop, Rock IDC0578 The Warriors The Warriors (Live at The Keystone) Tarpan Records Progressive Rock, Live IDC0577 Khari Kill Born To Rule I Dwell Records Reggae IDC0576 Joy Mover Joy Mover Joy Mover Music Adult Contemporary IDC0575 Che Prasad Shiva Me Timbers Che Prasad Productions Reggae IDC0574 The Highlife Band What's To Come Silo Records Reggae IDC0573 Quinn Deveaux & The Blue Beat Review Originals Shift Indie Soul, Blues IDC0572 Quinn Deveaux Late Night Drive Shift Indie Soul, Blues IDC0571 Alice DiMicele If I Were An Otter: Songs for Kids of All Ages Alice Otter Music Children's Music/Folk IDC0570 Endemic Terminal Illness part 2 No Cure Records Hip Hop, Rap IDC0569 Stick Figure Burial Ground Stick Figure Music Reggae IDC0568 Luck & Lana Luck & Lana Kill The Computer Luck & Lana Records EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep IDC0567 Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step Sacrifice Brand New Step Records Alternative IDC0566 Devon Holland Invitation to Dream Painted Wolf Records Lullabies/Children's Music IDC0565 Matthew Greenidge Jah Rules Over All JahLight Records Reggae IDC0564 Andrew St. James Doldrums Island Jar/Fortune Records Alt-Folk IDC0563 MONKEYSHORTS Day View Owl Bum Ksora Publishing Indie Rock IDC0562 Blacklist Union Til Death Do Us Part Vanity Music Group Rock, Pop IDC0561 Dead, White and Blue Mary Jane Vanity Music Group Rock, Pop, Metal IDC0560 Aoede What Are Dreams Made Of? Aoede Muse Music Children's Music IDC0559 Madame Freak & The Funky Fever Follow the Crack Madame Freak Records LLC Dance, Funk IDC0558 Color Me Black Color Me Black War Chant Hip Hop IDC0557 Misner & Smith Seven Hour Storm M&S Records Folk, Rock, Americana IDC0556 Kill the Precedent Dialogues With The Dead Minus Head Records Industrial, Metal, Punk IDC0555 Death Valley High Positive Euth Minus Head Records Hard Rock/Metal IDC0554 Indubious Wake the Lion Righteous Sound Productions Reggae, World, EDM IDC0553 Narada Michael Walden Rising Sun EP Tarpan Records Instrumental Rock IDC0552 Narada Michael Walden Thunder 2013 Tarpan Records Rock Fusion IDC0551 Echo Bloom Blue Echo Bloom Americana IDC0550 Yehjah & Go A Chant Hurt Conscious Riddims Roots Reggae IDC0549 V/A Gather the Remnant Conscious Riddims Roots Reggae IDC0548 Cornell Campbell New Scroll Zion High Productions Roots Reggae IDC0547 Speach Impediments Cobwebs Keep Records HipHop IDC0546 Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers Twisted Tales Chops Not Chaps Rock, Blues, Singer-Songwriter IDC0544 Ray Vaughn Way Down Low Rayoso Music Rock, Singer-Songwriter IDC0543 Roots Gwaan Exalt H.I.M. Conscious Riddims Reggae, Roots IDC0542 Dre Z & Roots Gwaan Sons of the King Conscious Riddims Reggae, Roots IDC0541 General Jah Mikey Original Yard Food Zion High Productions Reggae, Roots IDC0540 Jah Sun Rise As One More Love Productions Reggae, Roots IDC0539 Keznamdi Bridging the Gap EP Higher Intelligence Records Reggae, Roots IDC0538 Rocker-T The Hurban Warrior of Peace: Part Roots Luvinnitt Productions Reggae, Roots IDC0537 First Light Fallacy Fantasy Clear Label Records Hip Hop IDC0536 Mongrel Reclamation Vanity Music Group Punk, Rock, Metal IDC0535 The New Black Seven Hangovers & Heartbreak Vanity Music Group Country, Southern Rock IDC0534 J. Kendall Moving Forward CFO Recordings R&B, Club IDC0533 Spends Quality Time Peace CFO Recordings Hip Hop IDC0532 Spends Quality Flight Music CFO Recordings Hip Hop IDC0530 Badi Assad Between Love and Luck Quatro Ventos World Music, Brazilian Alt-Pop IDC0529 Nell Robinson and Jim Nunally House & Garden Nell Robinson Music Country, Bluegrass, Folk IDC0527 Aoede Is Love A Fairy Tale? Aoede Muse Music Female Fronted Alt Pop/Rock IDC0526 Various Artists-DMC The 2012 DMC USA Finals DVD Tools of War Productions Scratching/DVD IDC0525 Mark Wonder Working Wonders Oneness Records Reggae/Dancehall IDC0524 Vokab Kompany & Crush Effect VKCE New Kong Records Hip Hop/Electronica IDC0523 Touré Touré's Theory 101 Music Hip Hop IDC0522 Wisdom Full Spectrum Wisdom Creations Hip Hop/Reggae IDC0521 Incite All Out War Minus Head Records Thrash/Groove Metal IDC0519 The Bridge Take It Higher Rolling Thunder Productions Classic Rock IDC0518 Gaucho Part-Time Sweetheart Rave Dicketts Music Gypsy Jazz IDC0517 Various Artists-Lustre Kings Culture Dem 3 Lustre Kings Productions Reggae, Dancehall IDC0516 Various Artists-Lustre Kings Culture Dem 2 Lustre Kings Productions Reggae, Dancehall IDC0515 Various Artists-Lustre Kings Culture Dem Lustre Kings Productions Reggae, Dancehall IDC0514 Mr. Gene Poole The Protocol. SCS-MJC Management Hip Hop IDC0513 DJ Sol Rising I Am Soul DJ Sol Rising Productions World, Funk, Dance IDC0512 Jah Sun Battle the Dragon More Love Productions Reggae, Dancehall IDC0511 Forrest Day Forrest Day Ninth Street Opus Jazz, Hip hop, Punk IDC0510 Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion Bright Examples Ninth Street Opus Folk, Americana IDC0509 Blame Sally Speeding Ticket and a Valentine Ninth Street Opus Rock, Folk Rock, Blues Rock IDC0508 Luce Corner of the World Ninth Street Opus Alternative, Pop, Rock IDC0507 Diego's Umbrella Proper Cowboy Ninth Street Opus Rock IDC0506 Zion I ShadowBoxing Live Up Hip Hop, Electronic IDC0505 Honey Wilders Singles for Singles Rubber Bucket Records Rock and Roll IDC0504 Kerry Wing Bio Electric Love Warrior Monk Records Rock, Funk, Reggae IDC0503 Hopsin Raw Empire Distribution Rap, Hip Hop IDC0502 Dizzy Wright Smokeout Conversations Empire Distribution Rap, Hip Hop IDC0501 Jeremy Spencer Bend in the Road Propelz Rock, Blues, Americana IDC0500 Bill Ortiz Highest Wish Left Angle Records Hip Hop, R&B, Soul IDC0498 The Memorials Delirium Blood Thirsty Unicorn Hard Rock, Soul, Alternative IDC0497 Jared Grabb Pulling Weight Thinker Thought Records Alt Pop, Rock, Folk IDC0496 Aoede Skeletons of The Muse Aoede Muse Music Female Fronted Alt Pop/Rock IDC0495 Kohndo Soul Inside Greenstone Records Hip Hop, Rap IDC0494 Wordsmith King Noah Nu Revolution Records Hip Hop, Rap IDC0493 Blanco & Nipsy Hussle Raw Empire Distribution Hip Hop, Rap IDC0492 Laroo & TurfTalk Sick‐Wid‐It Block Ops Empire Distribution Hip Hop, Rap IDC0491 J.Stalin The Body Snatchers Fely Productions/ZEWP Hip Hop, Rap IDC0490 Bpos Pos Tapes the Album One League Hip Hop, Rap, Concious Lyrics IDC0489 Ian Franklin Breaking Grounds Petting Zoo Records Rock, Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0488 Karney Love & Respect Left Angle Records Pop, Rock, Singer/Songwriter IDC0487 Greg Kihn Band Best of Beserkley '75‐'84 Riot Media Pop, Rock IDC0486 Peter Chauncey rhythms of initiation Riot Media Electronica, Electro Pop IDC0485 Adam Walter Pre-Text Walternative Records Jazz Fusion, Groove IDC0484 Full Time Beret Sincerely Peter Chauncey Music Acoustic Rock IDC0483 Jeff Campbell Stop and Go FTB Records Acoustic Rock IDC0482 Various Artists-DMC The 2011 DMC US Finals DVD Maritime Hall Hip Hop, DJ, Turntablism DVD IDC0481 Luckyiam Time to Get Lucky Legendary Music Hip Hop, Rap IDC0480 Various Artists-Messy Marv Messy Marv Presents: The Definition of Greed - Up All Night Hustlin' Vol. 1 Empire Distribution Rap, Compilation IDC0479 San Francisco Music Club Love and Freedom San Francisco Music Club Records Roots, Rock, World IDC0478 Mickey Hart Band Mysterium Tremendum 360 Degree Productions World, Rock, Jam IDC0477 JP Hopfelt L.A. Vintage Rock Rock Rebel Records Vintage Rock IDC0476 Valerie JanLois dos Curly Red Records Singer/Songwriter, Freak-Folk IDC0475 Fely Tchaco Maturite Fely Productions/ZEWP World Music, Afro-Pop IDC0474 Sheena G The First Class Sheena G Music Reggaeton, Fusion Urbana IDC0473 DATGirl Slutstep DATGirl Media Glitch Hop/Dubstep, Electronic Dance IDC0472 Junior Toots A Little Bit of Love Crown of Fire Records Concious Roots Reggae IDC0471 Bill Ortiz Winter in America EP Left Angle Records Hip Hop, R&B, Spoken Word IDC0470 Mistah F.A.B. I Found My Backpack 2: The Lost Notebook Empire Distribution Rap, Hip Hop IDC0469 Cosmic Mercy Tears in the Rhythm Cosmic Mercy Records Rock IDC0467 J.Walker Ambitions of a Writer Walker Works Hip Hop, Spoken Word IDC0466 Bpos The Upside One League Hip Hop IDC0465 Various Artists-Mallabel Mallabel Music Presents: The Platinum Unicorn Collection Mallabel Electronic, Glitch Hop IDC0462 Passwords Passwords Mercy Records Indie Rock, Alt Pop IDC0460 Shotgun Wedding Quintet Tales from the Barbary Coast Yonas Media Hip Hop and Jazz IDC0459 Danger Deluxxe Renaissance Upright Basement Music Hip Hop and Reggae IDC0458 Zion Train State of Mind Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Roots and Dub Reggae IDC0457 Winstrong Ghetto Hymns M9 Entertainment Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall IDC0456 George Ludwig Rise Time George Ludwig Music Ambient Electronica IDC0455 Dub Caravan Nomadic Fusions DubMed Records Dub and Roots Reggae, Electronica IDC0454 Mista Majah P Tolerance KOKMusic Conscious Roots and Dancehall Reggae IDC0453 Taddy P Gimmie Di Bass Bass Inna Yu Face Records Conscious Roots and Dancehall Reggae IDC0452 Marty Dread It Sometimes Rains in Paradise Five Corners Records Conscious Roots and Dancehall Reggae IDC0451 Sizzla The Scriptures John John Records Conscious Roots and Dancehall Reggae IDC0450 Various Artists-Alchemetric Alchemetric: Underground Overstood Alchemetric Entertainment HipHop DVD Combo IDC0449 Claudine Wrestling Consciousness Claudine Music Rock IDC0448 Various Artists-Main Man Records Take It or Leave It: A Tribute to The Queens of Noise - The Runaways Main Man Records Rock IDC0447 The Jaded Review The Jaded Reviews Guide to Hippie Watching in North America: Part 1 The Jaded Review Comedy Zine IDC0446 Jaswho? Redroid Musik Temple Music Group Dance, Electronic, Downtempo IDC0445 Castles in Spain Reminiscing Chapter V Chameleon Music Rock and Alternative IDC0444 Dubtonic Kru Dub Tonic DI KRU Productions Conscious Roots,Dancehall Reggae IDC0443 Jr. X Plead My Cause Revolutionary Entertainment Conscious Roots, Dancehall Reggae IDC0442 Game Brothas How the West Was Won Game Brothas Entertainment HipHop, Rap, Electronic IDC0441 Mystik Journeymen Return 2 the Love Outhouse Records HipHop, Rap & Electronica IDC0440 Lostribe Sophie CFO Recordings HipHop, Electronica, Downtempo IDC0439 Zion Train Live As One Remixed Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0438 Zion Train Live As One Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0437 Zion Train Original Sounds of the Zion Remixed Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0436 Zion Train Original Sounds of the Zion Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0435 Zion Train Love Revolutionaries Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0434 Zion Train Siren Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0433 Zion Train Natural Wonders of the World in Dub Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0432 Zion Train Passage to Indica Wobbly Web/Universal Egg Reggae IDC0431 Death Valley High Doom, In Full Bloom Minus Head Records Hard Rock,Metal,Punk IDC0430 Thomas Wold Buried Transmissions Lankee Yankee Records Folk,Rock IDC0429 Chingus Whose Chingus Walternative Records Funk,Jam Band,Rock IDC0428 J-Ras City of Trees Soulifted Sounds Reggae IDC0427 Enzyme Dynamite Shangri La Frathouse Muzik Group Electro Alternative HipHop IDC0426 C-Money Family Business Young Cub Records HipHop,R&B,Reggae IDC0425 Sunspot Jonz Galaxy of Dreams Vol. 1 Revenge Records HipHop IDC0424 Churn Magazine Churn: An Art & Music Magazine Issue #7 Churn Magazine Art & Music Culture Magazine IDC0423 THE AGGROLITES Rugged Road Young Cub Records Dirty Reggae, Roots, & Rocksteady IDC0422 Ian Franklin Step By Step EP iF Records Electric Pop,Rock IDC0421 Various Artists-DMC US 2010 Championship DVD DMC/Tools of War Turntablism,Scratching IDC0420 Tina Sparkle Welcome The No Fun House Thinker Thought Records Rock,Pop,Indie IDC0419 Curt Yagi Close My Eyes Curt Yagi Music Singer Song Writer IDC0418 Styles1001 The Solution Styles1001 HipHop IDC0417 Cyrus Malachi Ancient Future No Cure Records HipHop IDC0416 The Cuf Cuf Caviar Vol 1 CFO Recordings HipHop IDC0415 DJ Swamp Vinyl Disciple Decadent Records Turn Table HipHop IDC0414 Foreign Legion Night Moves Hunger Strike Records HipHop IDC0412 Soulifted Higher Soulifted Sounds Reggae, HipHop, Jazz, Soul IDC0411 Dave Dub & The Sutter Cain Gang Mind Police M9 Entertainment Punk Rock, HipHop, Experimental IDC0410 Magic Heart Genies Heartifact M9 Entertainment HipHop, Rap, Experimental IDC0409 Return to Mono Framebreaker Audio Villain Electronica, Electo-Pop, Rock IDC0408 Various Artists-Lionheart Sounds Troddin' East Lionheart Sounds Concious Roots Reggae IDC0407 Jerrico & Kic In Motion Yuco Entertainment HipHop IDC0406 Chelsea TK Terra Attero Tzigane Society Records Indie,Electronica, Soul IDC0405 Josh Rifkin Guest House Palm Production Studios Pop, Alt-Rock IDC0404 Various Artists-The Art of Men The Art of Men Warrior Girl Music Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0403 Various Artists-Females on Fire Vol.3 Females on Fire Vol. 3 Warrior Girl Music Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0402 Various Artists-Females on Fire Vol.2 Females on Fire Vol. 2 Warrior Girl Music Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0401 Various Artists-Females on Fire Females on Fire Warrior Girl Music Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0400 Jaswho? Nudroid Musik Temple Music Group House,Techno, Electro-Pop IDC0399 One Track Mind Magazine One Track Mind Vol. 3 OTM Productions Magazine IDC0398 Ka'ale & The Truth Patience Cultivated Lonely One Productions Roots Music,HipHop,Reggae IDC0397 Conscious Souls Live Your Life Sunstroke Entertainment HipHop,Reggae, Rock IDC0396 ECID 100 Smiles and Runnin' Fill in the Breaks HipHop IDC0395 AWOL One & ECID Are… Fill in the Breaks HipHop IDC0394 Amad-Jamal Barely Hanging On: The Chronicles of a Brotha Like Rodney King Urban Umpires HipHop IDC0393 Supa Nova Slom The Remedy Ra Ra NTR Tainment HipHop IDC0392 Eligh Grey Crow Legendary Music HipHop IDC0391 The Burnerz Zumbi and The Are Present The Burnerz Jah Works HipHop IDC0390 Black Sheep From the Black Pool of Genius Bum Rush Records HipHop IDC0389 DJ Shadow Live in LA (Import) Blunder Buss HipHop,Electronica IDC0386 Jimmy Crockett Cadillac Man Jimmy Crockett Records Soul, R&B, Jazz IDC0384 Charles Xavier Xmas Vibes Happy Note Records Christmas,Jazz,New Age IDC0383 Durojaiye Versatile The Fermented Sessions Thoughts Into Things Music Electronica, Down-tempo, HipHop IDC0382 Ellul Ashes B.E.A.R. Live Electronics, Minimalist, Lyrical IDC0381 Alabama Mike Tailor Made Blues Jukehouse Records Blues IDC0380 Eartha Ink Dry Blue AFRT Music Label Alternative, Rock IDC0379 The New Up Gold The New Up Records Rock, Psychedellic, Indie IDC0377 Eightfourseven Lossless Minus Head Records Alt Rock, Electronica IDC0376 e.g. bailey American Afrikan Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records Spoken Word, Underground HipHop IDC0375 Jonah This Is The Year So Timeless Records Neo-Soul, R&B, HipHop IDC0374 Yella Yezz Yella Gold Cream Factory Records Rap, HipHop, Hyphy IDC0373 A_Rival 8-Bit Pimp GunOnion Records Underground HipHop, "Chip Hop" IDC0372 Jazz Mafia Symphony Brass Bows & Beats Jazz Mafia Records Jazz and HipHop Fusion IDC0371 The Grouch Three Eyes Off The Time Legendary Music Underground HipHop IDC0370 Big Omeezy The Great Communicator OLH Entertainment Rap, HipHop IDC0369 The Beautiful Losers Four Corners of a Tiny Planet Strawberry Hill Music Alt Rock, Pop, World Fusion IDC0368 Toots and the Maytals Flip and Twist D&F Music Conscious Roots Reggae IDC0366 Amanda Abizaid This Life Abizaid Records Singer,Songwriter, Rock IDC0364 The Kissing Party The Hate Album Kissing Party Records Indie Rock IDC0362 Mello G I Am Bless House of Reggae Records Reggae,Soul IDC0361 Haji Mike & Dub Caravan Virtual Oasis DubMed Records Reggae,Dub Poetry IDC0360 Rusty Manifestation Nine Above Records Reggae,Soul IDC0359 Gyptian Revelations Flava McGregor Records Reggae IDC0358 gilli moon the stillness Warrior Girl Music Alternative,Easy Listening IDC0357 Soulful New Age Love Songs End of the World San Francisco Urban New Age Soul,Funk IDC0356 D–Madness Equinox/Funk Fest Access New Media Groove, Funk, & Soul IDC0355 The Pantones Inside The Sun's Wild Flame Phonophore Records Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0354 The Very Foundation This Restless Enterprise Velvafonic Records Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0353 A Band Called Pain Beautiful Gun Blue Zane Hard Rock w, bonus DVD IDC0352 As A People Carpet Bomb Ballet Umpteenth Records Rock,Indie Rock IDC0351 Illuminati Congo Illuminati Congo Nyahbanga Records LLC Roots Reggae and HipHop IDC0350 SonicBloom Motherlode CFO Recordings HipHop, Soul, & Funk IDC0349 Tony Hall The Tony Hall Show Cream Factory Records Rap,Underground HipHop IDC0348 HazMat FiXin2cleanUP! Cream Factory Records Rap,Underground HipHop w,bonus DVD IDC0346 Jenuine J.A. The Burden of Proof Block Lock Records HipHop, Rap IDC0345 World Collision Trancention World Collision Records World Fusion, Hard Rock IDC0344 Zamza Manga Rock Mar Creation Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0343 The Paper Sons In The Throes… Minus Head Records Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0342 Michael Ward with Dogs and Fishes A Walk In The Park Michael Ward Records Folk Rock, Funk, Roots Rock IDC0341 Guante And Big Cats! An Unwelcome Guest Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records HipHop, Folk, Experimental IDC0340 ElJai I Know Jah Mix Entertainment Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0339 Various Artists-Master One Productions First Born Riddim Master One Productions Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0338 Ras Attitude I Meditation Universal Balance Entertainment Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0337 Jah Sun Stronger More Love Productions Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0336 Various Artists-Legends of Reggae Dub Like An Antelope Red Hillz LLC Reggae,Dub IDC0335 Panda Transport Monorail Kinder Lust Records Electronic, Experimental Indie Rock,Alt Pop IDC0334 Various Artists-Love Love Temple Music Group Electronic, Dance, Downtempo IDC0333 Gary LaMark Without Dreamers Gary LaMark Music Country, Blues, Americana IDC0332 John DeGarmo JD & Friends Metal Shed Music Blues, Americana, Country IDC0331 Joselyn and The Wild Roots Chance For Rain Calabash Productions Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0330 Twiggi The Sun Shines Through Rich Mar Music Roots and Dancehall, Inspirational IDC0329 Alabama Mike Day to Day Jukehouse Records Blues IDC0328 Oceanroyal Sympathetic Vibration Oceanroyal Records Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0327 Marty Dread Best of Marty Dread 2003-2009 Five Corners Music Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0326 Various Artists-LovEvolution LovEvolution: Compilation 2009 Epiphyte Records Electronic, Downtempo Compilation IDC0325 Bray amphibian Sepia Tones Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0324 Ini Kamoze 51 50 Rule 9 Sound Click Dancehall Reggae, HipHop IDC0250 Jessie Torrisi Bruler Bruler Jessie Torrisi Music Indie,Rock,Pop IDC0249 The Peace The Peace Hip Folk Inc. HipHop,Folk IDC0248 Pamela Parker Beautiful Day The San Fran Review Rock,Pop,Soul IDC0247 Peck The Town Crier Groundhog's Day Crying Music HipHop,Funk,Jazz IDC0246 Life Love Misery Life Love Misery Life Love Misery Records Alternative,Pop,Rock IDC0245 Steve Carter Group Cosmopolis Steve Carter Group Jazz,Nu-Jazz IDC0244 Lotus Ascension Lotus Ascension 131 Records Prog Rock,Roots Metal IDC0243 Lutan Fyah, Chezidek Standing Firm Riddim, Various Artists Sick Donkey Records Roots Reggae Compilation IDC0242 Katie Garibaldi Next Ride Out Living Dream Music Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0241 Gramps Morgan 2 Sides of My Heart, Volume 1 Dadason Entertainment Reggae,Dancehall IDC0240 Josh Fix Josh Fix EP Flop Of The Century Alt Pop IDC0239 Dion Roy Gallery Daily Honey Music Alt Pop,Singer-Songwriter IDC0238 Darbuki Kings Been Laden You Too Long Darbuki Kings Records World Music, Groove IDC0237 Victor Essiet & The Mandators One Love, One World Mystic Records Reggae, Roots, World IDC0236 The 808 Band With Robert Herrera Natural Selection 808 Music Reggae,Soul,Dub IDC0235 No Go Know Time Has Nothing To Do With It The Union Records Indie Rock IDC0234 Kim Garrison You Are Loved Red Pants Records Folk,Indie,Singer-Songwriter IDC0233 Lisa O'Neill Partner Lisa O'Neill Music Folk,Singer-Songwriter IDC0232 Power Of County See You In Rock 'N Roll Heaven The Union Records Country Rock IDC0230 Courtney John Made In Jamaica Fi-Wi Records Reggae,Roots,Dancehall IDC0229 K-Maxx The Whole Woo Wop Arielle Records HipHop,R&B,Funk IDC0227 The Little Girls Today And Yesterday Valley Pop Records Rock, Power Pop IDC0226 KJ Sawka Undefined Connectivity Beat My Drum Recordings Drum and Bass, AltPop, Electronic IDC0225 Galactic Council Galactic Funktions Higher Key Records World, Electronica, Reggae and dub IDC0224 J. Hansen Give The Drummer Some Greaseland Records Blues,Country, Rock n' Roll IDC0223 The Little Girls Thank Heaven For Valleypop Valley Pop Records Rock, Power Pop IDC0222 Pictures of Then And The Wicked Sea Pictures of Then Records Indie Rock,Alt-Pop IDC0221 Shantytown Lost Color Shantytown Records Rock,Roots Music,Jam Band IDC0220 2 Suns Love Revolution Love Revolution Records Alternative, Psychadelic, Rock IDC0219 Roy G Biv & The Mnemonic Devices The Blue Orange Moo Moo Records Folk,Rock IDC0218 Mojo Morgan Got Mojo? Keynote Records Reggae, Rock and Alt Pop IDC0217 Soul Majestic Better World Loa Tree Records Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Conscious Lyrics IDC0216 Jack Miller Dreadlock Rock Dreadlock Rock Records Roots, Reggae, Positive Lyrics IDC0215 Bill Ortiz From Where I Stand Tangent Records Neo-Soul,R&B,Jazz IDC0214 Elijah Emanuel Tres Sangres Great Spirit Records World,Reggae,Afro-beat,Roots Music IDC0213 rnb The Green Room Musical Green Publishing R&B,Soul IDC0212 Mute Witness Mute Witness Parapet Records Rock, Indie, Pop IDC0211 Blues Divine Shine Like The Sun Wide Eye Music New Earth Blues,Funk,Gospel IDC0210 Toots and the Maytals World is Turning D&F Music Conscious Roots Reggae IDC0209 Victor Little Inner Portrait Life's A Groove Groove Jazz,Bass IDC0208 Rocker-T Luv Is The Foundation Epiphyte Records Reggae,World Fusion IDC0207 Spragga Benz Rootal Riddim Compilation, Various Artists Drop Di Bass Records Reggae,Dancehall IDC0206 Ishi Dube Lion Camp Universal Balance Entertainment Reggae, Roots, Dancehall IDC0205 Groove Lounge Inc. Red Satin Jamz B-Jazzin Records Dance, Groove, House Compilation IDC0204 Morrisson After My Love Ovation Music Recordings Vocal House, Downtempo IDC0203 Wisdom Growth & Elevation Wisdom Creations Reggae, HipHop Dancehall IDC0202 Brett Every Camping Out Brett Every Records Singer,Songwriter, Lounge, Alt Pop IDC0201 The Westerners Beautiful Departed West Arts LLC Alt Country, Alt Pop Rock IDC0200 The Blank Tapes Daydreams Enipucrop Singer,Songwriter, Folk, Rock IDC0198 Sizzla Shaolin Temple Riddim Compilation, Various Artists Drop Di Bass Records Reggae,Dancehall IDC0197 George Petit End of August Mar Creation Contemporary Jazz IDC0195 Mint Rock Magnified Bored Stiff Records Rap, HipHop, Breakbeat IDC0194 Loud Zoo & DJ Arlan Goosechase Loud Zoo Records Concious Groove and Underground HipHop IDC0193 Caren Hope Project Calling Shiva Temple Music Group Downtempo, Electronic Groove IDC0192 Various Artists-Minus 1 Minus 1 (Various Artists) Below Zero Beats Downtempo, Electronica, Compilation IDC0191 Heartical Roots World Crisis Heartical Roots Records Concious Roots Reggae IDC0190 Joshua Gabriel Walk The Plank 14B Records Rock, Alt-Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0189 Essential I Freedem Souljah Sick Donkey Records Concious Roots, Dancehall, and Underground HipHop IDC0188 Goddess Alchemy Project Frequencies of the Motherland Vesica Pisces Productions Female Fronted Underground HipHop Electronica IDC0187 Mad Anju Mad Bwoy Anju Drop Di Bass Records Dancehall Reggae IDC0186 Spragga Benz Prototype Drop Di Bass Records Dancehall Reggae, HipHop IDC0185 Sizzla Addicted Drop Di Bass Records Dancehall Reggae, Roots, Positive Lyrics IDC0183 Smooth One Industrial Welfare Super Flux Short Film,CD Combo, Underground HipHop IDC0182 Archetype Bleed For Them Dekagon Records AltPop, Electronic, Underground HipHop IDC0181 Sellasie I'm Tryin' To Make A Livin' Not A Killin' Scrilla Scratch Records Lyrically Dynamic Rap, Underground Hip-Hop IDC0180 BLVD Music For People Alignment Music AltPop, Electronic, Underground HipHop IDC0179 Anne Waldman/ Ambrose Bye Matching Half Fast Speaking Music Spoken Word, Cinematic IDC0178 KJ Sawka Cyclonic Steel Beat My Drum Recordings Drum and Bass, AltPop, Electronic IDC0177 King Clarentz Day of the Supermodel Super Sweet Records Delta Blues, Political Lyrics, Punk IDC0176 Marrow Quiet Desperation Marrowcell Records Alt Rock, Industrial, Electronic IDC0175 Darbuki Kings Lawrence of Suburbia Darbuki Kings Records World Music, Groove IDC0174 Mar Project Stepping Stone Mar Creation Singer,Songwriter, Rock IDC0173 Tim Miller Adelaide Tim Miller Music Singer,Songwriter, Rock IDC0172 Bela Karoli Furnished Rooms Helmut Room Recordings Singer,Songwriter Electronic, Alt Pop IDC0171 Stevie Culture Top Class King Step Records Dancehall Reggae, Roots, Positive Lyrics IDC0170 Chinenye Change Black Avaitor Underground Rap, HipHop IDC0169 The Impalers Blood, Rum and Reggae Axe Records Roots Reggae and Rocksteady IDC0168 SoulMedic Soul Medication Jah Kebra Music Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0167 AK 1200 and Gridlok Autopsy Project 51 Drum and Bass, Downtempo IDC0165 At Hand Productions Prophecies Of War At Hand Productions Political Lyrics, Jazz, Soundtracky IDC0164 Resonant Soul The Death of Amara Lee Summit Records Emo, Alt Pop, Alt Rock IDC0163 Aoede Push and Pull Aoede Muse Music Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0162 The Orphans Alone Mar Creation Female fronted, Alt Pop, Rock IDC0161 Audiodub So Scud AudioDub Music Reggae, Rock and Alt Pop IDC0160 Charge 7 SuperCharged M-7 Music Pop, Alt Rock, Downtempo IDC0159 Psycopatrik Cyber-Zoo CyberZoo Records Electronica, Dance, House, Downtempo IDC0158 Funk Dub Division The Hits ESA Records Dub Reggae, Funk, and Ambient, Groove IDC0157 Danger Zone Dangerous Styles Dove Ink Records HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0156 Taj Weekes and Adowa Deidem Jatta Records Roots, Reggae, Positive Lyrics IDC0155 DJ Quest Questolous ZQ Records Underground Rap, HipHop, Turntablism IDC0154 Ainsley Burrows Evolver Burrowsink Records Reggae, Political, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop IDC0153 Various Artists-Lion Sound Productions Frontline Riddim Lion Sound Productions Reggae, Roots, Dancehall, Conscious Lyrics IDC0152 SonicBloom Paradigm Lift CFO Recordings Underground Rap, HipHop IDC0151 Mike Grande My Dash between the Numbers Mike Grande Records Instrumental Guitar and Classic Rock IDC0150 Star Anna Crooked Path Malamute Records Alt Country, Alt Pop Singer,Songwriter IDC0149 Melaine Dekker Revealed Zabit Records Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0148 Divasonic Changing Wind Digital Bliss Records Female fronted Electronica IDC0147 The Ramp Exchange Chameleon Music New Jazz, Soul IDC0146 DJ Quest Breakseven/Remixes Cosmic Records HipHop, Breakbeat, Soundtrack, Remix IDC0145 El Hadji Baay Faal Bambahaj Productions World Music with Reggae and dub IDC0144 Callous One For The Notebooks Dirty Rat Records HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0143 Apostle Lyrical Activism 7SP Records HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Instrumental IDC0142 DJ Brasco Fill The Gap Greenstone Records HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0141 Beth Whitney Leave Your Shoes Malamute Records Singer,Songwriter, Rock IDC0140 Amanda Abizaid The Great Plan Vol#2 Abizaid Records Singer,Songwriter, Rock IDC0139 Poeticali Distherbd An Elephant, An Owl, A Man and His Turntable PoeDis Records HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Spoken Word IDC0138 Odd Man Out An Outsider's Perspective Splintered Tree Records HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Instrumental IDC0137 Kohndo Stick To Ground Greenstone Records HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0136 Audiopharmacy Spare Change AudioPharmacy Prescriptions HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, World IDC0135 Seth Truett The Wind Is Gone Chardon Records Rock, Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0134 Vibrational Architect Schematics Vibe Arc Records Drum and Bass, Dub Reggae and Ambient, Groove IDC0133 Sutro,Return to Mono Test Press SF CD/DVD, Various Artists Epiphyte Records Electronica, Dance, Pop, Downtempo IDC0131 Batch VI Reggae Gold Vol.1, Various Artists Carrion Entertaiment Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0130 Jahson Ites Forward Outta Babylon Sick Donkey Records Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0129 Dialects Urban Hash Humble Camp Records Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0128 Deuce Eclipse The Oy Walkout Oywalk Musika HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0127 Super Tough Dance Worm Supertough Records Roots, Reggae, Positive Lyrics IDC0126 Yella Yezz Yella Paidgez DWR Records Rap, Hyphy, HipHop IDC0125 Ryan Greene Golden Shelltoes Ryan Greene Records HipHop, Rap, R&B IDC0124 Various Artists-DNAE Beats The First Hundred is the Hardest DNAE Beats/ Machete Vox Records HipHop, Rap, Breakbeat, Instrumental IDC0123 Mavrik About Face Skoman Productions HipHop, Rap, Underground IDC0122 Various Artists-Karim Pictures Ironman Motion Picture Soundrtrack Karim Pictures HipHop, Indy Rock, Breakbeat, Soundtrack IDC0121 Hayes Eleven Regime Records Indy Rock, Alt Pop IDC0120 Terry Disley Across The Pond DisleyWorld Music Pure Jazz, Smooth Jazz IDC0119 Liz Pisco Gravity Tiger in a Tank Records Female fronted Alt Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0118 Dorado Dorado Sound Kemai Records Pop, Rock, Soul, Singer,songwriter IDC0117 One Band Jah Inna We Heart OneBand Records Positive Lyrics, Roots Reggae IDC0116 Shaunna Hall Electrofunkidelica Make Music, Not War Records Electronic, Funk, Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0115 Cas Lucas Roads 47 Records Rock, Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0114 Bed On Bricks If You See Kay Rhythm Records Rock, Power Pop IDC0113 Aesense of Time Aesense of Time AOT Records Reggae, Roots, Positive Lyrics, Funk and Soul IDC0112 House of Riddim Chapter 11 House of Riddim Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0111 Anagram The Lights Went Up Scenery Records Alt Pop, Rock, Downtempo IDC0110 Ron Wiseman Mystical Mood Marshmellow Records Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0109 Kulture Freedem Uhuru Movement Kaela Records Underground Rap, HipHop IDC0108 Various Artists-Conquering Lion Soundz Soccaton Conquering Lion Soundz Soca, Reggae, Reggaeton IDC0107 Heroes of the Dancefloor Momentum Heros Records Jazzy, Groove, House, Downtempo IDC0106 Groovy Judy Life Hey Judy Productions Female fronted, Alt Pop, Rock IDC0105 Chris Brown Now That You're Fed Chris Brown Music Rock, Alt-Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0104 Ian Collins The Map Is Not The Territory Constant in Opal Records Rock, Alt-Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0102 Wickenshire Wickenshire becollective Records Breakbeat, HipHop IDC0101 Cleveland Steamers Treasure Chest Focased Noise Records HipHop IDC0100 MDV Roots All Sorts Too Much Peace and Quiet Records Roots and Dub Reggae IDC0099 Mista Majah P Natty We A Beauty King of Cali Records Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0098 Rob Symeonn The Chosen One Redbud Recordings Reggae, Roots, Dancehall IDC0097 Edi Fitzroy Hold The Vibes King Step Records Reggae, Roots, Dancehall IDC0096 Table 4 5ive 2 Hip 2 B Smooth B-Jazzin Records New Jazz, Soul IDC0095 SonicBloom From The Get Go CFO Recordings Live HipHop band IDC0094 Sahra Indio Good's Gonna Happen Olomeye Records Female fronted Roots Reggae IDC0093 John Staedler A Conscious Alternative John Staedler Music Experimental Singer,Songwriter IDC0092 Carmen Milagro Not Bad For a Gringa Carmen Milagro Music Pop, Rock, Latin Singer,songwriter IDC0091 bace135 Monkey Vs. Robot, Man Vs. Machine Bossmonk Music Breakbeat, HipHop IDC0090 Various Artists-Conquering Lion Soundz La Plena Conquering Lion Soundz Reggaeton, Dancehall Reggae IDC0088 Kwanzamo Roots Rockers Pay Day Actual Music African Reggae, Roots, Positive Lyrics IDC0087 SoulMedic Western Cleansing Jah Kebra Music Dancehall Reggae, Positive Lyrics IDC0086 Kush & The BFA Countdown to The Holy Judgement Bloodfiyah Angels Musc Reggae, Roots, Positive Lyrics IDC0085 Instigators Living Gift I-Sight Records Reggae IDC0084 Rastrillos Se Acabo El Reve PYP Music Reggae, Latin, Dub, ReggaeEspanol IDC0083 Haji Mike The Storyman Olive Tree Music Reggae, Political, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop IDC0082 Sweet Leaf Boys Songs From the Holy Fool Splintered Tree Records Alt Pop, JamBand, Singer,Songwriter IDC0081 Jeff Rolka Somewhere in the Fade Zeke! The Plant Music Rock, Alt-Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0080 Peter James Footnotes to Fairytales SSR Records Rock, Alt-Pop, Singer,Songwriter IDC0078 Vervain The Weather Inside Scenery Records Female fronted, Alt Pop, Rock IDC0077 Kiss The Girl Touch KTG Music Rock, Alt Pop, Electronic IDC0075 Unified School District Take Warning EP Tapehead Productions Bay Area HipHop IDC0073 Mister 3 Classified Conversations Respected Records Rap,Pop, Bay Area HipHop IDC0071 Children of Production "COP" Children of Production COP Productions Funky, Ass Shakin' HipHop IDC0070 Infra Red Can't Miss Roulette Records Rap, Pop, R&B, Bay Area Hip-Hop IDC0066 Nicholos Newman Nicholos Newman Project Triptonick Records Reggae , HipHop IDC0065 Deep Super Illusions Regular Beats Records Downtempo Electronica with sparse vocals IDC0064 Alexis Harte Sunlight Loping MentlMusic Artists Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0063 Nuffsed Ignite The Fuse Best Coast Records Dancehall and Roots Reggae and Punk IDC0062 Citizen One Subway Fire C-One Records AcousticRock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0060 Amee Chapman Still Life Beachcombed Music Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0059 Joselyn and The Wild Roots Shapeshifting Calabash Productions Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0058 The Drivers Beloved Uh-Huh! Records Alt Pop, Retro, Female Vocals IDC0057 Version Gardens of Utopia New Blues Musik Dub Reggae and Ambient, Groove IDC0056 Project Skyward Strange Synchronicities Nebula Records Electronica, Dance, Pop, Downtempo IDC0055 Jack Endino Permanent Fatal Error Wondertaker Records Hard Rock, Alt Rock IDC0054 Karney All Connected Tangent Records Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0053 Chapter 11 Live and Direct Dime City Records Reggae, HipHop, IDC0052 NYC Reggae Collective AlieNation Benchwarrent Records Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0051 Shitouttaluck (SOL) You Know You Like It SOL Records Ska and Alt Pop IDC0050 Shelley Doty X-Tet Over The Line Howlin' Music Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0049 Kaya Project Walking Through Interchill Records World Music Inst. With vocals, Ambient IDC0048 Matt Vrba Everywhere In Between Matt Vrba Music Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0047 Neil Sparkes & The Last Tribe Talisman Interchill Records Dub Reggae and Ambient, Groove IDC0045 Anagram Songs from Far Away Scenery Records Alt Pop, Retro, Female Vocals IDC0044 Aphrodesia Front Lines Full Cut Music World Music, Groove IDC0043 Cuatro Caminos El Bong de Titaneo Stump Records Sci-Fi Rock, Alt Rock IDC0042 Griddle Turning Violet'1 Your Permenant Records Punky, Alt Pop, Hard Rock IDC0041 The Grannies Erected Ladyman Wondertaker Records Hard Rock, Hardcore IDC0040 Motorhome Black Lung Infringement Records Hard Rock, Alt Rock IDC0039 Flut Puppy4Life Flut Music Prog, Alt Pop, Punk IDC0038 Various Artists-Wondertaker Death, Rattle and Roll, Wondertaker Records Punk, Hardcore IDC0029 Danny Brant Band Change At Jamaica Danny Brant Band Rock, Jamband, Folk Rock IDC0028 Natty Remo Babylon Fall Kulcha Shok Muzik Reggae, Roots, Dancehall IDC0027 Various Artists-Freedom Fighter WARTIMES Freedom Fighter HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Spoken Word IDC0026 Various Artists-Freedom Fighter Shame The Devil Freedom Fighter HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Spoken Word IDC0025 THE AGGROLITES DIRTY REGGAE Axe Records Reggae, Roots, Ska IDC0024 Upright Dub Orchestra Dubrite Dubalicious Productions Roots and Dub Reggae IDC0023 Baldread and the Ragga Crew Inna Dancehall Ringgold Productions Roots Reggae and Dancehall IDC0022 Digital Ancient One on One Afrohypnotic Records HipHop, Rap, Conscious Lyrics, Spoken Word IDC0021 Various Artists-Olive Tree Cyprus Thing Vol. 1 Olive Tree Music World Music in 5 Languages, 14 artists IDC0020 Jus-Goodie Freedom Song ZionWay Records Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0019 The Hotpants Unzipped Kpasta New Jazz, Soul IDC0017 Rocker-T Hold On Strong ZionWay Records Dancehall and Roots Reggae and HipHop IDC0015 Piano B Outernational Attack Piano B Music Traditional Dub Reggae IDC0014 KarmaSutra KarmaSutra KarmaSutra Music Alt Rock, Jam Band IDC0013 RED I Unidad RED Muzik Roots Reggae in English and Spanish IDC0012 Prozack Turner Death, Taxes and Prozack Outta Works Records HipHop IDC0011 Cas Lucas Giving It Back 47 Records Blues, Singer,Songwriter IDC0010 Adrian Xavier R. Nature Sacred Groove Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0009 Goddess Alchemy Project Goddess Gaia Pyramind World Music with 4 Languages over Electronia IDC0007 Leon "Whitey" Thompson Unfinished Tattoo AFour Records Spoken Word, Americana IDC0006 New Dealers Best New Album Dila Productions Live HipHop IDC0005 Karney Tangent Records Presents Karney Tangent Records Rock, Singer,Songwriter IDC0004 Jah Love Strong Foundation Strong Foundation Dancehall and Roots Reggae IDC0003 Wookie J Big Up The Children Kulcha Shok Muzik Traditional Dancehall Reggae IDC0002 Poetz4Peace A Pair of Olive Leaves Olive Tree Music World Music with Reggae and HipHop IDC0001 Rocker-T More Luv PSM Recordings Dancehall and Roots Reggae

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