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IDC Virtual Events

IDC Virtual Events

Upon completion of the IDC REQUEST FOR INFORMATION (RFI) FORM, a detailed marketing proposal with specific pricing can be created for your project.

IDC Virtual Events - Online Virtual Event Production for Independent Projects and Releases

IDC Virtual Events (IDCVE) is a new ultramodern service that produces filmed events to be streamed online, and guides a project through every phase of production including overall strategy, scheduling, filming, marketing, and broadcasting. IDC assembles and manages a hand-picked Team that works together to help increase awareness and demand for assorted projects and releases.

Pricing: IDCVE is a flexible service and budgets are customized for each event. Events are created to promote music releases, product launches, virtual conferences, and more. Pricing is based on hiring a Team of industry professionals to work for various lengths of time.

Your IDC Virtual Event may include the following components:

Project Management: IDC provides a Project Manager that will strategize the scheduling and production of the event for an agreed upon budget covering the whole project. The Project Manager guides the project from start to finish, facilitates communication with the Team, and ensures that all aspects of the IDC Virtual Event are executed according to the client's wishes using cutting edge project management software. IDC maintains long-standing business relationships with an array of Videographers, Editors, Publicists, Web Design and Social Media experts, Graphic Designers, and various other industry professionals that can be hired to work for the project.

Event Filming: Clients may provide their own footage, or IDC can arrange a day long shoot which could provide all AV equipment including cameras, lights, sets, microphones, etc. This includes consultation with the client on set design, shooting schedule, asset organization, and any additional details to ensure a smooth filming session.

Event Editing and Broadcasting: This begins with the editing of footage into a professional and broadcast-ready format, to then be implemented on the client’s choice of platform (YouTube, Twitch, etc.) There will be a technical rehearsal ahead of the scheduled event to ensure a smooth broadcast, and chat prompts will be created and posted throughout the event to drive viewers to specific actions (‘Buy Now’ links, etc.) Analytics and other viewership statistics will be provided along with a video file of the finalized broadcast.

PR: IDC's PR Team builds cost-effective, targeted campaigns that generate tangible results. This includes the creation of an initial press release with distribution to thousands of worldwide media outlets, and detailed reporting on media activities throughout the course of the campaign.

Web and Social Media Marketing: This state-of-the-art service delivers an integrated social media campaign to drive viewers to the event. Organized around the creation of a Content Strategy, various scheduled postings are implemented throughout the campaign. This results in the enhancement of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for overall web presence and various social media pages.

For more information about IDC Virtual Events or to discuss the marketing needs of your release, please call (415) 292-7007 or email