IDC - Independent Distribution Collective

IDC Physical Distribution

For only $225.00 + 40 promotional units, IDC will provide a physical distribution channel AND a national retail marketing campaign promoting your new release to store buyers representing thousands of retail outlets!

IDC has direct relationships with multiple one-stop distributors such as AEC and Baker & Taylo that solicit our catalog to virtually all major U.S. retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, K-Mart, and more. IDC also works with niche distributors such as Fat Beats, UGHH, Ernie B's Reggae, and VP Records. Our distribution scope is not limited to the U.S. alone as IDC releases are marketed to Fontana North in Canada and Code 7 in the UK.

IDC also has direct relationships with approximately 400 independent stores across the country including Rasputin, Amoeba, Waterloo, Independent Records, Music Millennium, Silver Platters, and many more. By joining IDC's catalog your product will be made available to all of these outlets.

Artists will earn $5.00-$6.00 per unit on full-length CDs for each completed sale that IDC is able to secure. IDC will use the 40 promotional units to market to store buyers representing over 10,000 stores in customized packages. Once the retail-buyers receive their packages, IDC will follow up and push for placement of the title into their respective store chains, allowing artists to point fans to these outlets for purchase. Once a title is included in our catalog, it is continually marketed to our entire store base for as long as the title remains with IDC.

The $225.00 fee is used to help IDC offset the initial costs of the marketing push, including but not limited to printing, assembly, and shipping of promotional packages, as well as product storage and shipping/handling/administration of all sales and returns.

The first step toward working with IDC as a physical distribution client is to send a physical copy of your retail-ready, full-length CD (with shrink-wrap and UPC Code - no MP3s) to the address below. Please include your contact information as we receive many submissions. Feel free to include any additional information (press kit, reviews, etc.) you wish us to see, but the only required item is the retail-ready CD. If accepted, IDC will send a copy of our US distribution agreement for your consideration.

Submissions can be sent to:
Independent Distribution Collective
2001 Van Ness Ave - Ste 411
San Francisco, CA 94109

Featured Artists

Pete Kronowitt

The hunger Americans feel for change is palpable, and San Francisco-based Pete Kronowitt voices this urgency adeptly in his newest album "A Lone Voice." The emotive songs fuse acoustic pop and indie-folk, while evoking an era when music was made to battle injustice. The album masterfully explores themes ranging from socio-political struggles to musings on the human condition. [MORE]