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IDCPromo is a service that creates a customized, full-scale marketing campaign to increase awareness and demand for releases from independent artists and labels. IDC tailors marketing campaigns to specifically meet an artist's needs and budget, assembling and managing a team of music industry professionals that will work together to best promote a given project in every possible outlet simultaneously, allowing artists to better capitalize on their release through touring and sales.

IDCPromo campaigns cover the following areas:

Project Management: IDCPromo campaigns utilize music industry professional contractors, each of whom brings their own expertise and established credibility to every project. IDC will provide a Project Manager who facilitates communication between the contractors and the client using cutting edge project management software, and will ensure that all aspects of the campaign are executed according the client's wishes.

PR/Media Campaigns: The cornerstone of any marketing plan is publicity and online marketing. IDC's marketing team builds a cost-effective, targeted campaign that generates tangible results. Campaigns include the creation and distribution of the initial press release to thousands of worldwide media outlets, assembly and delivery of 100-150 customized promotional packages with personalized follow up, and detailed reporting on media activities during the course of the campaign.

Digital Retail Marketing: Targeted Business-to-Business marketing of your project to all of the 400 services IDCDigital currently distributes to. This includes development of a project's digital assets including discovery sites, direct-to-fan retail sites, and online sales channels. Recent successes for IDCDigital include multiple Front-page and Genre-page featured placements the week of release on iTunes, Beatport, GooglePlay, and more.

Radio Promotion: Delivery of 150-200 promotional packages to a variety of radio formats including Commercial, College, Triple A, and Community specialty programs, with personalized follow up and detailed reporting on radio play during the course of the campaign.

Online/Web Marketing: This state of the art service begins with an assessment of a client's current social media presence, as well as setup and enhancement of various profile pages, and development of their website's Search Engine Optimization (SEO). An intensive fan-building campaign will be organized around the creation of a content strategy and social media posting calendar, with various scheduled postings throughout the campaign.

Physical Retail Marketing: IDC's Physical Retail channel makes products available to virtually all major and independent U.S. retailers. Our personal relationships with store buyers help with scheduling in-store appearances and performances, end-cap displays, listening stations, and stock checks. Any IDCPromo campaign successes are communicated directly to retailers in target regions.

Pricing: Every aspect of an IDCPromo campaign is tailored specifically to each client's needs, including budget, and can be targeted around Single, EP, and Full-Length releases, as well as general label brand building. Please understand campaigns are based on hiring music industry professionals to work for various lengths of time, which can affect pricing.

For more information about IDCPromo campaigns or to discuss the marketing needs of your release, please call (415) 292-7007.

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