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The Walk-A-Bout

Aussie-American alternative rock quintet THE WALK-A-BOUT hail from the artistic East End of Long Island, New York. Their full-length LP 20/20 was released worldwide June 5th in stores and online. Produced by Andrew Michael Bertrand and mastered by Roger Lian, 20/20 is an incredibly diverse album exploring many genres, expanding the scope of band’s classic sound. There is something on the album for everyone. Whether it's alternative rock, world music, funk, or the influence of prog rock, the music is visceral, emotional, fun & socially conscious.

Band members Darren "Sully" Sullivan, Kevin Anderson, Drew Bertrand, and Dave Christian were joined by bass player Keenan Zach for the writing and recording of 20/20, and their collective vision has allowed them to explore the outer reaches of music, soul and spirit. This dynamic new collection maintains the band’s depth and introspection, delivering a deep and entertaining album with pop appeal. 20/20 was recorded on 14 reels of two inch tape, a recording method that is reflected in the dynamic sound of this extraordinary release, which is destined to be a classic.

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