IDC - Independent Distribution Collective

The Basics

Independent Distribution Collective is a music distribution and marketing company based in San Francisco that offers physical and digital distribution, marketing and promotion, artist development services, and music licensing.

In business for almost ten years, IDC has made a name for itself by helping independents to play on the same field as major label artists, without having to adhere to major label budgets. We provide a framework to help indie artists gain a foothold in an industry that increasingly rewards the efforts of those who are willing to build and maintain their own careers, whether they are already successful or still developing.

IDC's Mission Statement

Independent Distribution Collective is a type of music distribution association that has never existed before outside of the major label system in the United States. It has become apparent that the only way for independent labels to flourish in these uncertain times is to unite and use all of the tools available to them in order to compete on the same playing field as the other much larger and more powerful players. IDC's unique structure and business model not only helps provide these tools but teaches independent artists/labels how to best utilize them in order to further their careers.

With a marketing plan that focuses on the consistent growth of each label (and the collective as a whole), and full exploitation of worldwide and non-traditional sales points, IDC will enable a new generation of music products to reach its audience, without the downside risk of each label going it alone. Each label is an ally in the whole process, meaning that its resources become part of the collective's assets, and in turn when a label succeeds, the whole collective succeeds.

IDC is a one-stop shop to acquire all of the tools an artist/label needs in order to build a successful independent career.

Management & Operations

Steffen Franz, aka Stand Out Selector, President and Founder -

Melissa Baker Consults on many of the collective's marketing decisions, branding, and to some extent, its overall direction.

Kurt Kunselman, aka Kurt Andrew MBA, Director of Digital Distribution (IDCD) and IDC Business Development, President of Chameleon Music, Founder of AMP3, -

Benjamin Lang, Director of Operations and A&R -

Jerome Forney, Manager of Digital Operations & Marketing –

Brendan Blandy, Manager of Music Licensing -

King I-Vier, Manager of Reggae A&R -

Advisory Board

Greg Gordon: President of Pyramind Sound and NARAS Trustee, and a former governor of the SF chapter of NARAS and co-chair of the Producers & Engineers committee and the dance music committee.

Dr. Michael Hajimichael, PhD: performer, and college professor, with over 20 years experience in the international music industry. Haji will help oversee IDC's European development in the coming years.

IDC Disclaimer

IDC and their personnel expressly disclaim any liability for damages, direct or consequential, arising out of or related to any information provided in writing, orally or otherwise regarding any transaction with IDC. The recipient expressly understands and agrees that any estimates, projections and assumptions are, by definition, uncertain. Any party considering a transaction with IDC agrees to look solely to its own due diligence and any representations, warranties and/or covenants set forth in a fully-executed, definitive written agreement with IDC relative to the transaction.

Parties are presumed to be familiar with the recording industry in general, and accordingly, are advised to determine their own interest in the transaction based on its own investigations. Upon request, IDC will make available reasonable additional information or data necessary to verify the accuracy of the information provided, to the extent it possesses such information or can acquire it without unreasonable expense or effort.

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